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Title: Physiological age of ixodid ticks and the concept of biological age
Authors: Razumova, I. V.
Keywords: ixodid ticks
physiological age
biological age
registering structures
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Издательство Тюменского государственного университета
Citation: Razumova, I. V. Physiological age of ixodid ticks and the concept of biological age / I. N. Razumova // Acarina : Russian journal of acaralogy / editor A. V. Tolstikov. – 2008. – № 16(1). – P. 71-75.
Abstract: The definition concept of the «physiological age» of animals has been revised based on the studies of ixodid ticks. The physiological age of animals is considered to be a general biological notion and is equal to the notion «biological age» of human beings. The notion «physiological, biological age» expresses gradual changes of an organism during its life thus this is a level of biological ageing of an organism. These biological changes correspond with the biological index «life part that has passed». Based on these features, a general notion «physiological, biological age» is formulated that is also applied to ixodid ticks.
ISSN: 2221-5115
Source: Acarina. – 2008. – № 16(1)
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