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Title: Water mites of the genus Tiphys Koch, 1836 (Acariformes: Pionidae) in Russia
Authors: Tuzovsky, P. V.
Keywords: water mites
identification keys
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Издательство Тюменского государственного университета
Citation: Tuzovsky, P. V. Water mites of the genus Tiphys Koch, 1836 (Acariformes: Pionidae) in Russia / P. V. Tuzovsky // Acarina : Russian journal of acaralogy / editor A. V. Tolstikov. – 2011. – № 19(1). – P. 113-212
Abstract: This study presents a detailed taxonomic review of water mites of the genus Tiphys Koch, 1836 (Hygrobatoidea: Pionidae) found in Russia during a long-term survey period between 1970 and 2008. The review includes (re)descriptions and illustrations of all known active stages of 18 Tiphys species found in this country: Tiphys bullatus (Thor, 1899), T. ensifer (Koenike, 1895), T. uchidai Viets, 1956; T. lapponicus (Neuman, 1880), T. latipes (Mller, 1776), T. pistillifer (Koenike, 1908), T. gladiatorTuzovskij, 2005; T. ornatus Koch, 1836; T. scaurus (Koenike, 1892), T. scaurellus Tuzovskij, 1983; T. torris Koenike, 1914; T. an-adyrensis sp. n., T. chaunensis sp. n., T. kamchatkaensis sp. n., T. kolymaensis sp. n., T. minutiporus sp. n, T. samaraensis sp. n.and T. yaroslavlensis sp. n. Separate keys to all species based on females, males, deutonymphs and larvae are presented.
ISSN: 2221-5115
Source: Acarina. – 2011. – № 19(2)
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