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Title: A new species of Lasiobelba (Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae) from Taiwan
Authors: Ermilov, S. G.
Liao Jhih-Rong
Keywords: Oppiid mites
new species
Oriental region
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Издательство Тюменского государственного университета
Citation: Ermilov, S. G. A new species of Lasiobelba (Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae) from Taiwan / S. G. Ermilov // Acarina : Russian journal of acaralogy / editor A. V. Tolstikov. – 2018. – № 26(1). – P. 81-87.
Abstract: A new species of oribatid mites of the genus Lasiobelba (Oribatida, Oppiidae), collected from the soil sample in the forest of Yangmingshan National Park (Taiwan), is described. L. tsaoshanensis Ermilov sp.n. differs from L. sculpta Wang, 1993, L. yunnanensis Wen, 1999 and L. longisensilla Ermilov, 2017 by the absence of notogastral setae h3 and by the presence of notogastral setae lm, lp distinctly longer than la and h3.
ISSN: 2221-5115
Source: Acarina. – 2018. – № 26(1)
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