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Title: Pacific walrus protection and management in a Changing climate
Other Titles: Охрана и управление тихоокеанскими моржами в условиях меняющегося климата
Authors: Ristroph, E.
Keywords: International law
climate changing
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Publishing House V.Ема
Citation: Ristroph, E. Pacific walrus protection and management in a changing climate / E. Ristroph // BRICS Law Journal / chief editor D. Maleshin; deputy chief editor S. Marochkin; executive editor E. Gladun. – 2017. – Vol. 4, No. 2. – P. 6-39.
Abstract: This article identifies and evaluates strategies and policies for walrus management in both Chukotka and Alaska. As the climate and walrus migration continue to change, it is important to follow adaptable strategies that are not fixed to specific geographic areas. Many of the recommendations may be easier to accomplish in the United States, which offers more opportunities for co-management and stakeholder involvement. The United States government can implement most recommendations without making substantive changes to law. This was significant to most participants – hunters as well as regulators – who supported voluntary approaches over those requiring legal changes.
ISSN: 2412-2343
Source: BRICS Law Journal. – 2017. – T. 4, Vol. 2
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