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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The “Justice Index” is a step towards the implementation of the global goal 16 of the U. N. AgendaAlekseevskaya, E.; Treskina, L.; Maleshin, D.
2006Juvenile hormones in development of ixodoid ticks: a short review of current controversial situation in tick endocrinologyBelozerov, V. N.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2017Juvenile instars of Galumna curvifamulus (Acari, Oribatida, Galumnidae)Ermilov, S. G.; Hugo-Coetzee, E. A.; Khaustov, A. A.; Theron, P. D.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2010Kepkatrombicula nom. n., a new name for the chigger mite genus Eutonella Kudryashova, 1988 (Acari: Trombiculidae), with notes on its systematicsKudryashova, N. I.; Stekolnikov, A. A.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2016Langue regionales et langues nationalesMarillaud, P.; Марийо, П.
2008Larval morphology of the water mite atractides acutirostris motas et angelier (Acari: Hygrobatidae)Tuzovsky, P. V.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2016Larval morphology of the water mite Hydryphantes samaricus Tuzovskij (Acari, Hydrachnidia: Hydryphantidae)Tuzovsky, P. V.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2006Larval morphology of the water mite lebertia densa (acariformes, lebertiidae) and redescription of adultsTuzovsky, P. V.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2016Law, politics and economy in the modern world: challenges of the XXI centuryGladun, E.; Maleshin, D.
2015Legal aid in India: returning philosophical chordsChandra, S.; Solanki, N.; Maleshin, D.
2018Legal education in the BRICS countries in the context of globalization: a comparative analysisVinnichenko, O.; Gladun, E.; Maleshin, D.
2011Life tables and feeding habits of Proprioseiopsis cabonus, a specific predator of tydeid mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae and Tydeidae)Momen, F. M.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2009Life-cycle of house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Acari: Pyrogylphidae) under laboratory conditions in Kolkata metropolisPodder, S.; Biswas, H.; Gupta, S. K.; Saha, G. K.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2007The life-cycle of Pomerantzia Philippina sp. n. (Prostigmata: Pomerantziidae) described from the PhilippinesBochkov, A. V.; Walter, D. E.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2014A Lord of LanguageBelozerova, N. N.; Marillaud, P.; Белозёрова, Н. Н.; Марийо, П.
2010The lung mite Pneumonyssus simicola banks (Halarachidae) in lungs of the rhesus monkey Macaca mulattaLeonovich, S. A.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2020Mathematical modeling of the equilibrium complete replacement of methane by carbon dioxide in a gas hydrate reservoir at negative temperaturesBorodin, S. L.; Belskikh, D. S.; Бородин, С. Л.; Бельских, Д. С.
2015Median eye in larvae of Hydryphantes ruber (De Geer, 1778) (Acariformes: Hydryphantidae)Shatrov, A. B.; Soldatenko, E. V.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2018Military intervention in the Gambia: lessons from the Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra LeoneSvicevic, M.; Maleshin, D.
2019Mind Mapping и информационный серфинг. Развитие мышления посредством создания антагонистической парыKutrunov, V. N.; Shaptsev, V. A.; Garkusha, N. A.; Sizova, L.V.; Кутрунов, В. Н.; Шапцев, В. А.; Гаркуша, Н. А.; Сизова, Л. В.