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Title: Новые аспекты цветной металлобработки удмуртов нового времени
Other Titles: New aspects of nonferrous metal processing of the udmurts in the modern period
Authors: Перевозчикова, С. А.
Черных, Е. М.
Perevozchikova, S. A.
Chernykh, E. M.
Keywords: Удмуртская Республика; археологические исследования; цветная металлообработка; удмурты; природные парки; археология; археология России; конференция
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Изд-во Тюм. гос. ун-та
Citation: Перевозчикова, С. А. Новые аспекты цветной металлобработки удмуртов нового времени / С. А. Перевозчикова, Е. М. Черных // Экология древних и традиционных обществ : материалы 5 Международной научной конференции, г. Тюмень, 7-11 ноября 2016 г. / под ред. д-ра ист. наук, профессора Н.П. Матвеевой; Тюм. гос. ун-т, Ин-т проблем освоения Севера СО РАН, Ин-т археологии и этнографии СО РАН, Ин-т экологии растений и животных УрО РАН. - Тюмень : Изд-во Тюм. гос. ун-та, 2016. - Вып. 5, Ч. 2. - С. 124-127. - ISBN 978-5-400-01321-8.
Abstract: Приведены результаты изучения объектов археологического наследия в границах территории природного парка "Шаркан" Удмуртской Республики.
This article presents results of archaeological research in 2014-2015 in Sharkan District of the Udmurt Republic, Nature Park “Sharkan”. Acquaintance with local community of amateur researchers allowed us to get access to the series of interesting exponats that were obtained by so-called “diggers”. One of that “diggers” donated part of his collection to the local history museum. The most outstanding part of that collection is fingerrings. A lot of nonferrous-metal jewelries, presented in collection, are dated to the 16-19 cc. Besides, that collection includes a few finger-ring billets. Circumstances and technique of their fabrication are interesting. This collection contains 166 objects in total. The collection also contains ring billets made from copper coins. Flap-containing finger-rings are divided by the form of flap into six types: with circle, square, rectangular, oval, eight-cornered and rhombic flaps. Flap containing finger-rings were made by two different ways. Ornamentation on the flap, as well as on the side areas of finger-ring was applied by carving or stamping. One more type of finger-rings is flap-containing finger-rings with stone incrustation. The technique of making flap-containing finger-rings with stones was divided in two types: full-cast and composed by ring and flap. Insertions were ornamented by curls, cow-looking stylization, sand ornament. Insertions were held on to the frame by glue. In collection of rings flap-containing finger-rings made by solid plate predominated. Existing of billets in collection suggests local producing of this jewelries. Demand in such things was rather high. Ornamentations were purchased in the markets and by withdrawal of copper and silver coins from regular circulation . Such practice is well-known by traditional costume researchers in cases of breast ornamentation — “monisto” that often included coin.
Conference name: 5 Международная научная конференция "Экология древних и традиционных обществ"
Conference date: 7–11 ноября 2016 г.
ISBN: 978-5-400-01321-8
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