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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Pacific walrus protection and management in a Changing climateRistroph, E.; Maleshin, D.
2015Paging systems in the world todayМысовских, И. А.; Юсупова, А. А.; Mysovskikh, I. A.; Yusupova, A. A.
2016Party autonomy in administrative (judicial) proceedingsBocharova, N.; Maleshin, D.
2019Parzen windowГасанов, А. Р.; Сизова, Л. В.; Gasanov, A. R.; Sizova, L. V.
2017Past and present of the peace agenda within the United Nations: the influence of the socialist notion of peaceful co-existenceFernandez, Ch. G.; Puyana, D. F.; Maleshin, D.
2016Peculiarities of isolated clusters operationSozinova, A. A.; Novikov, S. V.; Kosnikov, S. N.; Nemchenko, G. I.; Alenina, E. E.
2014Peculiarities of the reasoning of judicial decisions in Brazil: the new Civil Procedure CodeWambier, T. A. A.; Maleshin, D.
2019La pensee semiotique de Greimas et son evolution entre " Semantique structurale" (1970) et "Semiotique des passions" (1991)Marillaud, P.; Марийо, П.
2012Phenomenon of lightning: nature, formation and typesХафизов, Д. А.; Юсупова, А. А.; Khafizov, D. A.; Yusupova, A. A.
2008Physiological age of ixodid ticks and the concept of biological ageRazumova, I. V.; Tolstikov, A. V.
2016Pleistocene ecosystemsand cultural evidence from the Bytantay River Valley, the central Yana Basin, North-East YakutiaChlachula, I.; Хлахула, И.
2019Politiques linguistiques menees en Russie et en France concernant les langues minoritaires: historique, etat actuel et perspectivesYataeva, E. V.; Guiral, F. H. A.; Ятаева, Е. В.; Гираль, Ф. Э. А.
2013Population of the region about barriers to effective modernization (on the materials of social research in Krasnoyarsk Krai)Немировский, В. Г.; Nemirovskii, V. G.
2018Positive sanctions in the legal system of the Russian FederationПолетаева, О. В.; Borisova, K. K.; Борисова, К. К.
2017Possible worlds - text worlds - discourse worlds and the semiosphereChrzanowska-Kluczewska, E.; Кржановска-Ключевска, Э.
2018Prevent environmental damage during armed conflictJaffal, Z. M.; Mahameed, W. F.; Maleshin, D.
2015The principles of transparency and inclusiveness as pillars of global governance: the BRICS approach to the United NationsPuyana, D. F.; Fernandez, Ch. G.; Maleshin, D.
2018Priorities and possible risks of the BRICS countries’ cooperation in science, technology and innovationKiselev, V.; Nechaeva, E.; Maleshin, D.
2016Problems of glaciation of Western Yamal in the last 50 thousand yearsЮжаков, Т. Ю.; Фомина, Е. В.; Yuzhakov, T. Yu.; Fomina, E. V.
2015Procedural and substantive judicial review of the right to health in BrazilPerlingeiro, R.; Maleshin, D.